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Alien Arithmetic & Steganography

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(via Tess Ferrandez)

Tess writes about this article telling how 3rd graders can be thought “alien arithmetic” (binary), and I can’t agree more than it is an amazing read. Especially when you have your daughter that goes to a montessori pre-school. I don’t know if this is something general for the montessori way of teaching, but at our pre-school the children get to know about numerals and basic mathematics at a very young age.
And talking about the teaching method covered in the article, the Socratic Method, it’s just fantastic when you ask your child about something (that YOU think they shouldn’t have a clue about) and you get a descent, totally unexpected, answer back!
Alright, my daughter’s (2½ years old) F’s sounds more like P’s (one two three pour pive..), but you get the picture.

Also Tess recommendation of “The Code Book” (by Simon Singh) reminds me of picking my copy from the bookshelf and re-read it.
I got really inspired by the beginning of the book that covers some history of cryptography (or steganography, not to be mixed up with each other). About the same period in time, Corinna John started to write some interesting articles about how to apply this using C# and different technologies (bitmaps, media files, zip files and so on).
If you are coding in C# and liked “The Code Book”, you are going to like her articles.

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April 20, 2006 at 20:30

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